GIS.Box Demo – let’s get started!

The purpose of the publicly accessible GIS.Box DEMO is to allow the public to familiarise themselves with the basic functionalities and capabilities of GIS.Box.

  1. Address of the DEMO version:
  2. Login: DEMO
  3. Password: JesliChceszEdytowacNapiszDoNas:)

Here we go!

After logging in, you see the Map Panel, which looks roughly like this:

In the full version of the System, far-reaching personalisation is possible: the Administrator can change the Logo, the System Name and, of course, upload their spatial data and give them their own styles.

One of the ideas behind GIS.Box is to enable professionals of all disciplines to collaborate on spatial data, so the entry threshold for using GIS.Box is minimal. Immediately after logging in you see the so-called Default Project, which is a set of layers prepared by the Administrator, using a symbolisation prepared by the Administrator. This is basically a map viewer for less advanced Users.

What can you do at this point? Among other things, you can:

  1. Browse the map
  2. Switch layers on and off
  3. View the Table of Attributes
  4. Measure the length and area of objects.
  5. Search for Objects
  6. Identify Objects.

The next step is to create your own Project, which is a set of Layers with their own symbolisation.

  1. Create a new project
  2. Add spatial data (layers) from the Layer Manager
  3. Assign your own Symbolisation (using the Symbolisation Manager)

What’s next?

The next step is to test the collaborative editing of your data in GIS.Box. Please get in touch with us: we will create an individual project for you and your team and Users. You will be able to test the editing in GIS.Box together.

What else can be done in GIS.Box?

The next steps depend on your needs and the individual rights granted by the System Administrator. In the next stage of recognising how the System works, you may be interested in the following administration guides:

  1. How to add your own data (from vector files) to the System?
  2. How to add WMS layers to the System?
  3. How to manage data in the System:
    1. How to give your own symbolisation to added layers.
    2. How to manage attribute structure. i.e. how to add a new attribute, how to set up dictionaries?
  4. How to edit spatial data?
  5. How to add accounts for collaborators?
  6. How to manage Projects in the System?
  7. How to adapt the appearance to the company’s visual identity?

We also encourage you to familiarise yourself with a selection of add-on modules that extend the functionality of the System with new possibilities:

List of additional modules

Good luck!

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