Administration Panel: Printouts

A section where you can enter parameters for printouts in the System. The individual settings are:

1. Print coordinate system
– the coordinate system in which the printout is executed
– the administrator selects the coordinate system for the printout from a list of systems supported by the application (database system by default)
– we recommend printing in a rectangular plane coordinate system, e.g. PUWG 1992 (EPSG:2180) or in the 2000 system for the given zone.
– If a printout is made in EPSG:3857 (works well for web browsing), it will result in a distortion of scale.

Due to the distortion, these metres are not “real” metres. The same behaviour will be observed in the QGIS desktop program. -> This is why, for scale preservation, we advise against printing in EPSG:3857

Read more about Web Mercator: which coordinate system does the map display in?

2. Clause
– text that is visible at a given place in the printout template
e.g. Note: This printout is for illustrative purposes only and can under no circumstances be regarded as an official document.

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