Logging out of the System

To log out of the System, click on the blue icon in the top right corner and select “Log out”. After logging out, the User will be taken to the Login Panel.

How to manage dictionaries?

Dictionaries allow you to establish a closed list of values for a given Attribute. They make it possible to act when editing/adding an object, as in the animation below: Thanks to Dictionaries, the Administrator can keep an eye on the quality of the extracted data. A correct dictionary management policy allows the correct: symbolisation, searching, …

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How do you log in to the System?

Logging into the System takes place in the Login Panel, which is available at the specified URL (link). You will need to enter your login and password. If you do not have a login and password, please contact the Administrator. After correctly logging in, the System transfers the User to the Map Panel. In the …

How do you log in to the System? Read More »

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